Cassandra Ulysse is a woman of passion, purpose, and vision. She received her Masters in Business Administration doing a dual degree in Elder Care Management and Human Resources Management. With having a Masters, she went in the direction of opening a business. She became the founder and CEO of Beyond Companion LLC and The Business Pantry. When it comes to building a business, Cassandra is a self-proclaimed Startup Queen! When she first started her business, she couldn’t find just one solid up-front website that could walk her through the process without having to read tons of articles before getting an answer. This was a continuous frustrating process that prolonged her startup, so she created it. Her vision for The Business Pantry is simple. Create, Plan, Execute & Grow with straightforward information. She believes that anyone and everyone has the ability to turn their dreams into a reality with those steps. Her mission is to assist entrepreneurs like herself, maximize their startup or existing businesses success through candid tools and information. Her goal is to bring a real-life perspective through these articles and Feature Of The Week.