Every Entrepreneur Needs a Mentor

It’s a must!
Robert Friedland mentored Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg. Before knowing that even the big names had mentors, I was one of those entrepreneurs that believed a mentor wasn’t needed. As a young entrepreneur, it is super easy to fall into the “I know everything there is to know” mentality. I had spent countless hours researching content that related to business. Finance, entrepreneurship, liabilities, you name it! I was so headstrong and focused that I couldn’t stand to have anyone give me direction. So, what could a mentor give me that I haven’t already read?
Experience, that’s what. Real-life experiences and scenarios that aren’t always on the web.  Thankfully in the early stages of one of my business ventures, I was in a position where I felt completely stuck. Literally, a month ago (11/1/2017) I swallowed my pride and got myself a mentor. I knew that if I wanted to take my business to the next level, I needed to talk to other people. Just in two short meetings, my mentor Jason has already broadened my vision, which helped me get out of the mindset I had and try a different route. It helped me rethink my marketing, branding, and culture building. I believe if I continue on the mentoring path, it will open doors in hopes of meeting new connections and clients. So far, it’s been one of the best business and personal decisions I’ve made.

How has your mentor helped you?

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