January Is Here, Start Building Your Business!


If you’ve been dreaming for years about starting a small business, it’s time to put those dreams into action NOW! Timing is everything, right? You are one idea away from being able to do anything you want.

Don’t get us wrong, ANYTIME is a great time to start your business. January just happens to be the best time for obvious reasons. It historically inspires people to do things differently. It allows you to set realistic goals for the year ahead. Getting a fresh start, new you, new feel, fresh ideas and new resolutions. Which is all great, but remember that the determination must stick with you until the end of the year.


Start off by developing a life plan. Get clear about your personal and professional goals before you invest the time in writing a business plan. Figure out what you really want out of this business. A long-term success that allows you to create a legacy for your family? Or, just a short-term venture for fast money? Also, focus on your finances. Where would the money be coming from? Is it coming from your right pocket or a bank?

Once you get all that fun stuff situated, start setting goals. Goal setting is an important part of being an entrepreneur. Achieving business success is, of course, a long-term thing, but it’s also important to set short-term goals. When doing this you may want to set ambitious short-term goals towards the start of the year. (Example: Have all your licenses needed to run your venture within a month. Get an office space by July. Hiring employees. Have a solid 15 clients a month. Etc.) That way if they are hit it sets the tone for the rest of the year. You and your possible employees will be motivated as they can celebrate success early on and it will encourage you guys to really push for the same success throughout the year.

Let’s build your dream business in 2018!

Remember that it takes time to research, planning, and developing a business plan. If you need support, we’re there for you. Seriously! The Business Pantry will be posting daily reminders, motivation, and information on social media.


Start and go, go, go!

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