If you’re constantly daydreaming about starting your own business, then this is the article for you.
Having never done this before, we’re assuming you’re nervous about taking the plunge. Right?
Starting your company could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make—one that leads to freedom, great control over your destiny, and possibly big rewards. Sound like a fairy tale, right?joy-2483926_1920

Ha! Snap back to reality. We’ll start by saying, being your own boss is not for everyone. Seriously. Being an entrepreneur is hard, both physically and emotionally. Along the way, you could possibly experience exhaustion, doubt, anxiety, despair, and many other things. Although entrepreneurship comes with freedom and flexibility, there is also a great deal of responsibility and an even greater need for discipline. Entrepreneurs work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no such thing as standard hours. Since you’re the owner, you never completely detach from work. There are no “vacation” times, and that is because you are doing what you love and are passionate about it. Editor Jeff Haden from Entreprenuer.com said it best stating, “Starting a business isn’t just about making a living — it’s about doing so in the way that makes you happy.” He’s right. You would still have to find happiness through the emotional ups and downs. Entrepreneurship is A LOT of hard work, and making sacrifices is part of the game. We guarantee you’re not going to have a good day all the time, but you should be willing to be okay with it. If it was so easy, there would be no struggle in pursuing your dream.

Be honest with yourself —

If you’re an Entrepreneur:

The idea of a 9 to 5 job turns you off. You feel like your unable to thrive to your full potential. Working for someone else is putting all your eggs in one basket that doesn’t even belong to you.

You’re fearless. Your willing to jump into anything you do with incredible confidence. You’re willing find a way to get a task done or die trying. Why? You trust your own abilities, but you trust the people around them just as much. You being fearless means you believe there’s a way to solve every problem. All you have to do is find it.

You’re motivated by challenges. One common challenge with startups is when entrepreneurs first start out as a one-man show. You’re responsible for doing everything on your own. This equates to working long hours, juggling several projects and having to constantly come up with new ideas. However, you’re seeing this challenge as a gain of experience, memory, and/or mistake to be corrected. albert-einstein-1933340_1920

You’re a creative thinker. Creativity allows an entrepreneur to develop different processes. It leads to success by having to ability to create new ideas and explore different niches. It helps you think of how to improve existing business practices.

You’re hardworking. You must be willing to put in most of the work. That’s how you’ll reap the greatest reward in business. If you’re someone that likes prance around doing the bare minimum, the heavy workload of entrepreneurship will put you 6-feet under. You can’t be afraid of wearing 60 hats and sacrifice your day to day in order to be successful.

You have passion. You know where you are going and don’t care about what it is going to cost you. All that’s in your mind is just, “I want to get there!”.  Dreams serve as a driving force especially when you don’t get much motivation from the people around you. Your passion makes you fight and go through it.

You wake up hungry. Win or lose, success or failure, you stay hungry! Entrepreneurs wake up with an itch to create value, build things and achieve their goals. Signifying your hunger and desire to grow your business on a daily basis, will only lead to success. Be hungry!

Sounding like you so far? Good. Keep Reading…

You can work from anywhere. That’s right. We’re talking about in the back of an Uber, at McDonald’s, on a plane, on a train, or even in a playground with your kids. Entrepreneurs have the ability and understand the importance of being able to work from anywhere, anytime.

You’re a hustler. “The best entrepreneurs embrace the hustle”. These types of people are serious risk-takers. You’ll request those meetings will high professionals that others may think they’ll be rejected. Hustler entrepreneurs are determined! They work hard for what they want, making their dreams turn into reality.

There’s probably 991 more signs that you’re meant to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is seriously an amazing thing. Look around you! Everything you own started out as a vision of an entrepreneur. The difference between you and them is that they took action to make a reality.

Have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? YES? Then, what’s holding you back? 





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